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Dive Into the New Age of Remote Clinical & Technical Support.

Alta – a synergy of remote, real-time collaboration during clinical procedures between physicians, colleagues, and healthcare professionals. Featuring multiple video and imaging streams on a single screen, access to select archived procedures and a comprehensive research library. Building strong commercial collaboration, improving clinical outcomes, and streamlining workflows—and we’re just getting started. Learn more about the capabilities of the Alta platform.

Technician On-Demand

Limit the number of industry representatives in your operating room yet still access their support with the Technician On-Demand feature. Now, industry representatives can be invited to join remotely and provide their required support.

Alta Studio

Consolidate and view all video and imaging inputs from your operating room on a single screen.

Alta Proctoring

Due to Alta’s remote capabilities, virtual proctoring is now easier than ever. Alta Proctoring allows for remote collaboration and support from medical professionals outside of the operating room.

Rewind in Real-time

Feel confident that all steps were followed in a procedure by utilizing the Rewind capabilities. The Rewind function can conveniently replay a specific section of a procedure or clinical event for review-during the procedure.

Live Collaboration

Communicate with physicians and healthcare affiliates outside your operating room to improve patient outcomes.

Alta Clinical Library*

Access select past procedures for educational research, conduct topic review and study new device adoption by visiting Alta’s Clinical Library. This library of procedures chosen and saved by the hospital, features a variety of catalogues as well as offers indexing and search function capabilities meant for educational and research purposes.  *Optional feature

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The Alta solution seamlessly integrates into the daily work flow of operating rooms and cath labs. Without the need to connect any wires, wheel a cart into the room prior to a procedure or request the support of an on-site technical representative, physicians as well as other allied healthcare professionals in the hospital can easily use Alta to connect with medical professionals outside the procedure room any time.  

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