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Meet Alta.

A simple-to-use, low-cost, seamless to install solution that allows on-demand remote collaboration between doctors, industry experts, allied health professionals and their patients.

Learn How Alta is Improving Patient Outcomes.

The Alta Solution provides a single solution to some of your most pressing challenges. It provides healthcare affiliates and professionals the ability to remote proctor and consult on procedures in real time, anytime, anywhere. The Alta Solution strengthens collaboration, streamlines workflow, improve efficiencies, and increases revenue.

On-Demand Collaboration

Communicate with physicians and healthcare affiliates outside your operating room in real time to improve patient outcomes, without the need for pre-procedure set up or on-site technical support.

Rewind in Real-time

Conveniently replay a specific section of a procedure or clinical event for review-during the procedure.

Alta Clinical Library*

Access select past procedures with easy-to-use bookmarks for educational research, conduct topic review and study new device adoption by visiting Alta’s clinical library.

*Optional feature

Virtual Presence Through the Click of a Button.

Alta enables virtual access to operating rooms and cath labs.  Our goal is to improve physician collaboration with industry representatives and other clinicians at clinics, satellite hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers. Our Immersion Box and related software provides that collaboration and enhances communication between physicians, industry reps and allied healthcare professionals. 

Immersion Box and Studio

Alta’s system for interventional procedures automatically ensures patient information remains anonymous and connects collaborating physicians to your operating room.  With the support of two high-resolution, remotely controlled video cameras, consolidate and view all video and imaging inputs from your operating room on a single screen.

Alta Collaboration Software

Our enterprise application for generating invites for collaborative sessions and for easily remotely accessing a procedure room.

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